The European production and consumption of paper and cardboard go down in 2012

According to the latest statistics from CEPI, the European paper and pulp production in 2012 continues to be affected by the economic slowdown that began in mid-2011. European industry is looking for a healthy balance between supply and demand and is modernizing its industrial base to remain competitive. The overall performance of all CEPI member countries has been similar to that of the main producing regions of the world such as USA, Japan and South Korea. Only China and Brazil have better performed. CEPI members produced 92.1 million tons of paper and cardboard in 2012, representing a decrease of 1.6% on 2011 (pre-crisis production in 2008 reached 97.9 million tons). The pulp production fell 1%, while the market pulp increased by 4.3%. Exports of paper and cardboard outside the EU show an increase of 5.3% while imports fell by 9.7% when compared to 2011. The total consumption of paper and board in CEPI fell 3.8% last year.

For more information: CEPI

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