Paper, recyclable product that saves water

Many of the products offered today are classified as environmentally friendly or organic. This applies to products whose manufacture does not involve natural or biological products, such as plastic Christmas trees or electronic media but without taking into consideration that for the manufacture or for the operation, resources of fossils that took millions of years to form are consumed and that we cannot serve of it anymore. This does not happen with articles made from biological resources, if their renewal cycle is respected it will allow us to continue having them indefinitely while positive side effects occur, i.e. such as paper and cardboard. The paper industry is aware that it should take care of their main source of income and is increasing use of waste paper which is one of the easiest wastes to recycle. Furthermore processes tend to be more efficient by reducing the water consumption, which in many cases is reused water. Whenever we can avoid consuming a natural resource we are helping to preserve our environment but if we use synthetic products will promote further deterioration of the environment.

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