Read on paper affects our sleep less than read on screen

Our modern lifestyle gives us a remarkable independence in every situation and it is noteworthy that we are no longer depending on light when we want to read. The Health Center of the University of Connecticut has for decades been studying how light disturbs the natural sleep-wake cycle of humans. We do not realize that the light of electronic devices affects eventually our biology. The results of a recent study comparing people who used at night electronic readers and people who read traditional books found a clear difference between the two groups, the first one tended to show abnormal low levels of melatonin. A powerful bluish light is good at day, but bad at night. That does not mean we should turn off all lights when we want to read, but if we can choose between an electronic reader and a traditional book, the latter is less disruptive for our body clock. NCYT (07 May 2015)

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